Purls help deliver account based marketing15-Nov-16

Purls help deliver account based marketing

Posted by John Noble 15-Nov-16

There is no doubt that Account Based Marketing is very much ‘in’ when it comes to driving business-to-business marketing. Much has been written about the various techniques one should use in terms of building databases to facilitate effective Account Based Marketing campaigns.

However, data is only one side of the coin. For Account Based Marketing to work, delivering highly targeted and segmented content to your key target accounts is fundamental in the execution of your campaigns.

The use of PURLs and personalised landing pages enable you to deliver highly segmented content to individuals within target accounts. Delivering highly relevant segmented content is imperative if you are to get the most from Account Based Marketing.

Whether that is serving copy, case studies or testimonials, these should be highly relevant to specific segments in your target audience. The more relevant they are, the greater the chances of campaign success.

If you would like to find out more about how PURLs can help you with your Account Based Marketing execution, then please get in touch.


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