GDPR Compliance

in-house training for your marketing team

The GDPR which comes into force from May 2018, represents the biggest shake up of data protection law in over twenty years. Are you fully prepared?

Our seminar / workshop will help you:

  • Discover the history and context of data protection legislation
  • Find out what GDPR covers and when it takes effect
  • Understand how the new legislation will effect you
  • Learn key definitions such as personal data, processing and consent
  • Grasp the scale of what you and your business need to do
  • Attain practical advice to move towards GDPR compliance

Our certified GDPR Practitioners are experienced data professionals with a collective 50+ years of knowledge and expertise

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The 6 hour session costs £195 per person and covers:

  • Background to GDPR
  • Key definitions of GDPR
  • Timeline to application of GDPR
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Penalties for breaches
  • The six data processing principles
  • Consent
  • Sensitive data
  • Controllers and Processors
  • Data protection by design
  • Securing personal data
  • Reporting data breaches
  • Performing a data protection assessment
  • The data protection officer
  • Transferring personal data outside the EU
  • Powers of supervisory authorities