Energy Saving Trust - Data Hosting

The Energy Saving Trust is one of the UK's leading organisations set up to address the damaging effects of climate change. They aim to cut out carbon dioxide emissions - the mail greenhouse gas causing climate change - by promoting the sustainable and efficient use of energy.

The Energy saving trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that acts as a bridge from the Government to consumers, trade, business, local authorities and the energy market. They provide impartial information and advice, and have a network of advice centers in the UK specifically designed to help customers take action to reduce consumption, as well as to help people save money on energy bills.

Background & Objectives

Pro-Active were engaged by the Energy Saving Trust's CRM and Digital team to deliver a new data solution for the transport team and work along side kingpin communications, their primary communications agency. While the Energy Saving Trust already has their data hosted with a database vendor, they were looking for a more intuitive solution. Thier data was held in a robust database, but the lacked the ease of use required by the marketing team to get the best out of their data asset.

The Required hosted solution needed to support monthly automated data feeds and ad-hoc data loads in order to create a Single Customer View; regular and as-hoc campaign outputs; campaign reporting, database health and refresh reports. The main database comprised of 150,000 records with four monthly data feeds consisting of circa 14,000 records. The overall quality of the data was unknown, making it an important consideration.

The Solution

The solution comprised of a cloud hosted database with an online user access for the purposes of running database queries/count, analysis and importing/exporting data for marketing campaigns. The system, developed and built by Pro-Active, was specifically designed for data hosting and client interaction. The PHP/MySQL based platform was hosted on a secure dedication server.

alongside the building of the database, we ensured the data was in the best condition possible and that the platform facilitated a Single Customer View. This gave a better understanding of customer behavior and helped improve relationship, retention and cross-sell activities, arming the Energy Saving Trust with the best solution for data access and campaign management.

Conclusions & outcome

The interface was built with the marketer in mind and as a result usage of the database significantly increased. The Single Customer View ensure that the Energy Saving Trust were able to attain maximum leverage for their data asset. with the improvements to data quality, email deliverability was increased to 100%


"I cannot thank Pro-Active and Kingpin enough for their clear communication and understanding of the brief, through to their prompt delivery of a database platform that really does work and is simple enough for the whole team to use."